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20170427_123024_HDRCandace has an ever expanding knowledge base, including ancient healing modalities and new age techniques. A Reiki Master/Teacher, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner & more with additional interest and learning in Herbalism, Tantra, Yoga, Astrology, dimensional travel, divination, Shamanic, Wicca, Alchemy, Animalism, Polytheism, alternative lifestyle and so much more. Candace first began this journey with energy around 20 years ago. Developing much through reading, practice, and trial & error before taking any certifications. It is Candace’s belief that health belongs to everyone, and that each one of us has the ability to heal oneself. Having dealt with depression, anxiety, asthma & allergies, digestion & weight problems, Candace has learnt that freedom from dis-ease is always achievable, once you take control of your own wellbeing.

Candace spends her free time with her 2 young people children. As well as wandering about the planet finding energies to talk to and work with. She is constantly reading about energy and keeping up to date on the current astrology and lunar cycles.

Ebook – First Steps Down the Road

Book Cover- First Steps down the Road

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**It is important to note that visiting an energy healing practitioner is not a replacement for medical care, please seek medical attention when needed. Results are not always immediate, recognizable, or as expected, by setting an appointment you are in understanding of the above.**